Chagrin Falls Township Hall to be refurbished

Chagrin Falls could be a hot spot destination for wedding ceremonies this summer along with brand new renovation programs forming for Township Hall. Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of Chagrin Falls Township Hall are cooperating to raise US$ 225000.

The 2 establishments are devoted to make the hall a perfect place for business events and wedding ceremonies in expectations of helping the local economy. The Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce’s executive director Molly Gebler stated that the chamber invariably gets calls for info on wedding places in the Chagrin Falls.

Bain ties the knot in a Vineyard ceremony

This afternoon, David Bain has tied t he knot with Liz Davies in Christchurch, New Zealand. The wedding ceremony took place outdoors at Trents Vineyard; this is a marriage venue near Prebbleton.

Aerial video showed that guests were seated on white colored chairs, along with red carpet laid near aisle, in a clearing among woods. The bride came in a limousine at the wedding venue when it was around 3 pm. She had been spotted leaving her parents house in another car before 2 pm, the time when David came at the wedding venue.

Forty one year old Bain drove his own red Toyota Surf along with a horse shoe on front to vineyard. He was sporting a crisp white colored shirt, a yellow tie as well as cufflinks.
Liz Davies sported a white wedding dress, along with a tiara, a full veil and a train. Earlier this morning, long time supporter Joe Karam said Fairfax Media that he was in Christchurch for t he wedding ceremony.

Karam stated that this is a lovely day and everyone is looking forward to this. He h ad talked to David who was very excited regarding the wedding ceremony. Like any normal groom, there is a bit of knee bobbling. You get a bit nervous on the day.

Both Davies and Bain had turned down hot magazine deals, favoring to keep this occasion private. Karam told that women’s magazines all contacted for exclusive rights.

Couple arranges guerrilla marriage ceremony

The place of the civil marriage ceremony for John Poole and Stacy Alan was the choice of the groom. His discernment for art as well as the pair’s desire for an exchange of vows are what guided the, to Gallery 240 inside Chicago’s Art Institute over the weekend.

There were no requests or gallery reservations for permission essayed from museum officials. The ceremony on Saturday was what their buddies called as a 3 minute long guerrilla marriage ceremony inside of a space of the forty three year old playwright thinks sacred.

Poole, who is a museum’s member since he moved from Texas to Chicago around 2 years ago, told that this is kind of his church. He added that the painting bewitched him from the very first time he watched it. Therefore, when Alan decided she needed to have a separated religious and civil ceremony for the marriage, he told that it did not take him long time to select to position for civil service.

Poole stated how under the radar wedding ceremony stretched out – Around twenty of the pair’s closest family members and friends met outside Michigan Avenue museum when it started its operation on Saturday so that they could get in, and perform the whole ceremony distract and discreetly as few sponsors as possible.

The ceremony was officiant was Rev. Robert Smith, who is an ex colleague of Alan. He entered first and he went directly to Medieval to Modern European Painting and Sculpture exhibit.

Worcester library hosts wedding reception

Jim Kersten and Lindsey Kersten’s marriage on Sunday was like any other wedding. The weather was threating to move the wedding ceremony that happened on the steps of the City Hall.

Their wedding could have been at any place, but guests would be able to tell that they attended a wedding ceremony at the Worcester Public Library. The library officials expected that this is the sign that the place could be utilized for alternative uses.

Suspected marriage crasher

A man from Bridgeport with charges crashing a marriage party in Montgomery County as well as stealing wedding gifts worth thousands of dollars has been charged with stealing from another reception. On Wednesday, thirty five year old Joseph Patrick Franzone Jr. was called before a District Court on one charge of theft by improper taking and one charge of getting stolen property.

On 22nd June, the Upper Providence police got a report that a man had walked into a wedding reception at RiverCrest Golf Club and took a marriage cake card box which contained around US$ 9000 in checks and cash handed to the newly married as gifts, stated authorities on Wednesday. It was only spotted by their Wedding photographer cheshire.

Police did not arrest anyone in that case till after a 2nd marriage party theft took place on 7th July, when from US$ 3000 to US$ 5000 in gifts were taken from a reception at William Penn Inn in Gwynedd. After Joseph Patrick Franzone’s picture appeared with sensational news reports of July arrest, a witness for the RiverCrest theft identified him as the man he saw in the reception place.

Another witnesses at that same reception also identified him through pictures. Franzone has been in Montgomery County Correctional Facility on US$ 150000 bail after he pleaded that he is not guilty in Gwynedd case. On Wednesday, he was arraigned  on new theft charges, with bail set at US$ 100000, and came back to the county prison.

Lindsay O’Brien, the assistant District Attorney, told that Franzone is a probable suspect in a 3rd wedding party theft. None of the affected newly marrieds knew him, stated authorities say. A primary hearing will take place on 31st July before District Judge Walter Gadzicki Jr.

Wedding dress display has an appeal

When Samantha Zobrist saw the wedding dress and other accessories from 1870 to 1970 on exhibit at Flanagan House Museum, this attracted to her kinship for things of the past. On 7th April, a 28 year old from Washington found out some head pieces which appeared as if they came from the similar era – i.e. 1930s or 40s – as the one that she would use in her wedding ceremony in June; the one, which she purchased from an antique shop.

Samantha Zobrist told that the old styles are back and alive in the young generation. She loves to go to antique shops and finding things which have been cherished and loved; versus searching something which has been made cheaply overseas which anyone can go out and purchase for a few rupees which will be tomorrow’s garbage right away.

A century of marriage dresses as well as other items have been uphold by Peoria Historical Society and offered in the society’s new showcase.

The exhibit is now open for the general people on April, May, and June’s first Sunday, or otherwise it is available for private tours. The brick 2 story house on the Northeast Glen Oak Avenue with complex iron railing which wraps across the structure is a portal into the past.

The high necklines and long sleeves recalled a period when ladies were expected to cover themselves from toe to head, people also used to sew one’s marriage dress, stated Linda Herron, the site manager of Flanagan House Museum. She told that before people had Facebook and smartphones, people used to sit in the evening and did embroidery and did fine hand stitched clothing.