Cory Bernardi Faced a Disastrous Wedding Anniversary as He Tried to Mock LGTB People

The senator, a conservative Cory Bernardi spent his 20th anniversary away from home.

He was obviously sorry for himself and used Twitter to feel good. But what went wrong is that he tried to make fun of the entire LGBT community, which is devoid of celebrating any such moment that celebrates their union with their partner.

It was his tweets that started everything as his tweets read “I know the joy it will bring the Twittersphere that today is my 20th wedding anniversary.” He further added a line to make sure to get peoples’ response “I can’t wait to read your messages.’’

Although everyone noticed his tweets, nobody responded the way he expected; rather people gave a reply in a certain manner that included support for the LGBT community. Some people clearly wrote on his Twitter account that they wish the people belonging to LGBT community to get legal permission to marry their partners and lead a happy life. This was a common tone in every reply he got.

Miley and Liam wedding rumors making rounds again

It was just a few days ago that actor/singer Miley Cyrus spotted showing her engagement ring that Liam Hemsworth gave her in 2012.

The couple parted ways in April 2013. Recent rumors suggests that the couple has not only reignited their flame. In fact, they are officially engaged again. It has also been reported that Miley and Liam are living together.
An insider familiar with the situation told that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are picking up right where they left off. Liam has already told his friends that they are engaged again. She is moving back in with him and also bringing her dogs. She has always loved him.
Earlier on Sunday, Miley was spotted prominently showing the lovely diamond engagement ring that he gave her in June 2012. Recently the singer was seen driving into Liam’s Malibu home triggering the fact they are back together.

Wedding haka goes viral

A wedding haka has brought a bride to tears and it forced her husband to leave his blazer and join his wife. The haka video at Benjamin and Aaliyah Armstrong’s marriage reception has been seen over 200000 times on the Facebook page named I’m Proud to be Tongan.

The video clip shows a huge group of wedding invitees performing the haka dance in front of the newly married couple. Mrs Armstrong breaks into tears early on, and after that her husband Benjamin took off his jacket and joins in. The video ends with the newlyweds embracing the guests who danced haka.

Mary-Kate Olsen is finally married

Michelle Tanner is now Mrs. Michelle Tanner – well, officially. Newest reports suggest that 29 year old Mary Kate-Olsen, the founder of fashion labels – The Row as well as Elizabeth and James, tied the knot with former Full House star, 46-year-old, Olivier Sarkozy.

Mary has been dating the French banker, for the past three years. They took their wedding vows last night. The brave bride made her wedding plans a day after Thanksgiving. However, that did not stop Mary-Kate from gathering fifty of her most cozy friends for an old-time ceremony.


Splash And Loverly collaborate to offer wedding websites

These days, brides are asking for a lot. Social mediums has come a very long way, offering wedding planners as well as brides more control on the whole experience of their marriage ceremony, from booking to planning vendors to asking invitees of the wedding’s Instagram hashtag.

Now, Splash and Loverly are collaborating to take all that experience to another level, bringing in marriage websites. Now, as it stands, Loverly offers a commerce stage for brides (pepped up by the Pinterest layout) that allows brides filter content by category, color as well as other things and get things all settled for the wedding day. On the other hand, Splash has spent the last few years giving free event sites for customers, with a paid enterprise edition for customer clients.

With the collaboration, the two sites would push probable brides to a marriage site creator, where they would be able to put up marriage information, take food orders, RSVPs, as well as share the story of the couple. After the marriage, the platform pulls in Instagram snapshots from a particular hashtag so that the pair as well as guests can peruse all snaps from the event in one place.

The Modern Wedding Masterpiece

Today’s weddings are totally focused on themes, allowing the event to bloom in beauty and potential. All over the globe, people are embracing themed weddings in order to put their own special touch on the ideas that naturally come with traditional ceremonies.

From “shabby chic” to “red carpet events,” there are very few limits when it comes to using a theme to craft every element of your ceremony and celebrations. Below, you will find some of the most popular themes of toady and how they can be integrated into the most momentous occasion in your life.