Cory Bernardi Faced a Disastrous Wedding Anniversary as He Tried to Mock LGTB People

The senator, a conservative Cory Bernardi spent his 20th anniversary away from home.

He was obviously sorry for himself and used Twitter to feel good. But what went wrong is that he tried to make fun of the entire LGBT community, which is devoid of celebrating any such moment that celebrates their union with their partner.

It was his tweets that started everything as his tweets read “I know the joy it will bring the Twittersphere that today is my 20th wedding anniversary.” He further added a line to make sure to get peoples’ response “I can’t wait to read your messages.’’

Although everyone noticed his tweets, nobody responded the way he expected; rather people gave a reply in a certain manner that included support for the LGBT community. Some people clearly wrote on his Twitter account that they wish the people belonging to LGBT community to get legal permission to marry their partners and lead a happy life. This was a common tone in every reply he got.

When some realized that Mr. Bernardi was not with his wife on the very day of his wedding anniversary, they started giving him some ideas that would help him to pass the spare time he was having at that very moment.  For example, one of the people told Mr. Bernardi to pay a visit to his village to have a company, while another suggested him to go to the Stonewall Inn.

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