Couple’s marriage video goes viral on the net

Shanna Lockhart and Bobby Lockhart knew that the surprise grotesque act they planned for their marriage day could be a hit with their invitees. But they did not expect that it would be an internet hit. The December 13 wedding video of the Lubbock couple went viral on the net, after they hired a Youtube star as their ring bearer.

Bobby told that they did not intend for the video to go viral. But this was not their intention. It was just a joke planned for the guests. In video, one can see the groom hazarding to look madly for the wedding rings. It appears no one in the party knows where the bands are. But all of a sudden, enters their own Superman with rings to save the day.

Shanna recalled that you could tell as he starts to come up the aisle, that the back row is kind of shocked. There were waves of laughter, applause, after that just absolute eruption. People stood up, hooping and hollering.

The ring bearer was none other than the Youtube video Superman Drawers star. Shanna told that Bobby is a huge fan, and hiring the internet sensation was their way of making their wedding their own. All this attention, however, has not been without some problem. The newly married couple told that they got some negative reply, after their wedding antics made the internet rounds.

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