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Cory Bernardi Faced a Disastrous Wedding Anniversary as He Tried to Mock LGTB People

The senator, a conservative Cory Bernardi spent his 20th anniversary away from home. He was obviously sorry for himself and used Twitter to feel good. But what went wrong is that he tried to make fun of the entire LGBT community, which is devoid of celebrating any such moment that celebrates their union with their […]

Splash And Loverly collaborate to offer wedding websites

These days, brides are asking for a lot. Social mediums has come a very long way, offering wedding planners as well as brides more control on the whole experience of their marriage ceremony, from booking to planning vendors to asking invitees of the wedding’s Instagram hashtag. Now, Splash and Loverly are collaborating to take all […]

Kimberley and Scott get Married

Scott Ashton and Kimberley Ashton tied the knot at the Grandview Gardens, Outram. The pair shared their exciting and wonderful day with the Stage Hire team. They met at the high school and they are dating for about 5 years. Few days before the Christmas, they were shopping, when she spotted a ring. Even though […]